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My Efforts

In addition to my campaigning, I serve as a member of the TCDP Voter Data and Technology Team. As a results, I don't have time to manage a GOTV in HD-97. There are places where your volunteering will help my campaign as well.


The Tarrant County Democratic Party can always use your service.

Other Campaigns

If you live in the western one quarter of Tarrant County you are either in HD-97 or HD-99, where Mimi Coffey is running a campaign to unseat yet another rubber stamp republican.

HD-97 is overlapped by two Texas Senate Districts. Gwenn Burud is the Democrats candidate in Senate District 9.

Texas Senator Beverly Powell withdrew from campaigning in 2022 citing redrawn political map.

Precinct Chairs

HD-97 contains 60 precincts of which 4 (2 in SD-9 and 2 in SD-10) are without voters; called ZERO Precincts. Twenty eight of the 56 populated precincts (half) need a Democratic chair to coordinate the precinct's volunteers efforts. Of the 18 precincts shared with Senate District Nine half (9) need a precinct chair. Of the 42 precincts shared with Senate District Ten 19 need a precinct chair. If you are in a precinct with a chair you can contact that chair to volunteer in you nighborhood.

Senate District 10 not having a candidate means we need people to fill the empty chairs in those precincts to turn out the democratic voters in those precincts.