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When COVID-19 arrived the Republican presently holding this office laid down on his responsibility and allow an out-of-control, authoritarian governor to dictate the states response. That response was devoid of common sense medical practices, and it cost many Texans their lives. With a representive government, Texas's response to COVID-19 should have been devises by the Texas Legislature with input from medical experts. Our State Rep. never raised his voice.


The recent arrival of manufacturing plants from California to Texas bodes ill. To understand why you have to understand why they moved to Texas. Given a choice those companies and plants would have stayed in California. They moved out of California because as low tech, low growth, low margin (lo-lo-lo) companies they are unable to compete for talent with the high tech, high growth, high margin (hi-hi-hi) companies. The only reason they could have chosen Texas over many other states is that they received assurance from our state leadership that they would never again compete against high-tech companies for the talent they need.


Our economy has bifurcated with a low-tech brick-and-mortar branch and a high-tech cyber branch. We need to overhaul our public education system to attract high-tech companies. Our schools needs to teach coding. MIT has developed Scratch, a programming language for kids as young as 10. Python, a full featured general purpose programming language, is simple enough for 15-year olds. Coding, like writing, isn’t for everyone, but we need to introduce it to everyone so that they may make the determination as to whether or not it is for them. It isn’t a decision the state government should be forcing on people by its absence.