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Born in Chicot County, Arkansas, moved to Little Rock after my dad died and attented Middle and High School there. I chose to attend a Vo-Tech High Shcool to take Electronics and it associated math courses. I never found anyone I wanted to spend my life with and that wanted to spend their life with me, so I never married.


After High School, I attended a small school in south Arkansas were I obtained an ASEET degree. Unable to get work in electroncs becasue the military draft was still ongoing, I joined the Navy where I received 15-months of training in digital electronics, computers and NTDS combat display systems.

I'm a life long learner with a BS from University of Houston, coursework in programming at De Anza College, and online courses from,, and Stanford University. I became a Master Gardener in 2015, and a Citizen Forester in 2019. I code in Python and Bash and build websites as a hobby.


Shortly after my Navy service, I obtain a job at Texas Instruments in Houston maintaining memory and microprocessor testers. In 1981 when IBM released the PC I was working as a test engineer on two very similar computer for a small company in Sugarland.

In 1982 I accepted employment to a company where I finished the development of the first marine digital seismic recording system and put about 8 of those systems into production. Laid off in August, 1986, I was reemployed in March 1988 developing another marine digital seismic recording system. I would work there and in related jobs in Houston until January 1996, when I accepted a job in Silicon Valley.

The first four and a half years in Silicon Valley I worked as a Technical Marketing Engineer supporting the sale of 8-, 16-, 32- and 64-bit microprocessors. In August, 2000 I moved back into engineer as a Microprocessor Verificaton Engineer, where I was still working when the whole microprocessor design group got cut in June, 2005.

I moved back to Texas in 2006, buying a house in Benbrook. I've lived here every since.